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Different wires, and volts


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the difference between wires is how much electricity they can have in them(max amps), and how much loss that wire have per distance(resistance)

what do you mean with the volt amount? 240 volts in a 120 volt machine is going to destroy it, just like in real life. and you can craft 120 volt transformers

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So, I'll guess the superconductor one would be the best? Is it really noticeable. Say, if I connect 40 solar generators to 8 battery boxes, and run 3 Enrichment chambers, 1 Metallurgic infuser, 1 Crusher, 1 Wire mill and 5 Electric furnaces with them?

Of course they would. But so far, no machine has been anything else than 120 volts. So... What's the point? (Not good with electricity, really. I don't understand the difference between 120 and 240 volts, except that too much will destroy stuff.)

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hydrogen generators makes 240 volts, and i have ripped my hair many times when connecting them directly to standard battery boxes(they explode)

but if you are going to make insulated superconductor, you will have to go to the end to get all the ender pearls for that, and all the blaze rods will also take some time. i use silver wire and try not to transmit the electricity over more than 40-ish blocks

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