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Strange encounter: big explosion "somewhere"


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Hey guys.

I'v played tekkit classic for a while and after a "short" break i'v started now with tekkit lite. I have quite a new world with few TE machines (i love this mod already!). There is nothing that can explode at all. I started in a juggle, but nearby (400 blocks away) is a desert. I went there to gather some sand and found both ruines and villagers spread all around the desert. I prepared me to explore the ruines at the nearby village - enough food to heal me up, because i had only an iron chestplate i found in a juggle ruine, which is now my base... But then, just few seconds before i could enter the ruine i heard a LOUD explosion. It feels like i heard it for about 6-7 seconds, because it was very loud and even after the sound become quieter i could still hear it in my ears... But the funny thing is: i dont know where or why the explsion occured... Checked the overview map - nothing to see! Its so curious. I would really like to know what it is and if its some of new features in tekkit lite. Google for tekkit lite explosion or big explosion only leads me to all the nuclear explosions and meltdowns ... And no, its not a myscraft world, its the overworld ;)

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No, i was in a desert. But now in creative mode, a test world i accidentally found the answer. I started in a desert and there was the same desert ruine i found before in my survival world. But as i told before, the explosion occured before i ever entered the ruine. what i found in survival before was a hidden room with a big hole in it... there was nothing inside, but sand and normal stone... now in survival i opened the same sealing and foudn that there are actually chest, a preassure plate ... everything blown up before i could do anything . the result was same hole found before in the ruine :) so i think in my survival game, a monster spawned on the plate and triggered the trap before i ever found the chests ....

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