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Which commit of Equivalent Exchange 3 version pre1f was used for Tekkit Lite 0.6.1?


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I know Tekkit Lite 0.6.1 is using version pre1f of Equivalent Exchange 3, but I am trying to figure out exactly what snapshot of version pre1f was used.

I am planning on adding a custom recipe and want to be sure I am using the right commit from github as a base.

The ee3-universal-pre1f.jar in the mods folder has a 12/31/2012 time stamp and most of the files inside the jar are from 12/31/2012 as well.

The last commit for 12/31/2012 is cd14319ddad7b8090243617766b9312ef498bec7.

You can see this here: https://github.com/pahimar/Equivalent-Exchange-3/commits?page=9

That seems like a good bet, but 6 commits were made that day.

The earliest 12/31/2012 commit is 984dcd7b4a450a3935c7dc62db8e9d790ef3478f.

You can see this here: https://github.com/pahimar/Equivalent-Exchange-3/commits?page=10

The last chance for version pre1f seems to be commit 0eb764a237e81b63d049d30cfee9bf7262e12c25 from 03/19/2013.

The commit after that makes an entry for pre1g and minecraft 1.5.

Does anyone know which commit of Equivalent Exchange 3's version pre1f was used in the Tekkit Lite 0.6.1 bundle?

I did successfully compile cd14319ddad7b8090243617766b9312ef498bec7 with a custom recipe and was able to use it with a Tekkit Like 0.6.1 server. I would still like to be sure that I am using the same snapshot as a base to keep the impact of my customization as small as possible.

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