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technic launcher: unable to manually select builds


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Whenever i try to manually select a version of a mod it resets to the version at the top of the list.

I press the cog under the mod, check in the ''manually select a build'' choose a version i want and then press save. but then it just resets without me even starting the mod. no message or anything like that. really weird, please help

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Same problem here as well, I selected 1.1.3 and it downloads 1.0.11

I deleted my entire Technic Folder and start form base. Still doesn't help, also the launcher config file looks like this.

buildNumber: 222

memory: 6

permgen: false

buildstream: stable

lastuser: "Username"

lastmodpack: voltz



directory: launcher\voltz

build: 1.1.3

minecraft: 1.4.7


build: recommended


build: recommended


build: recommended


build: recommended


build: recommended


build: recommended

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