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Technic Launcher freeze on downloading Classic?

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My friends and I used to play on a Bukkit Server (for plugins) until the admin decided to switch to Tekkit.

So I downloaded the Technic Launcher and selected Tekkit Classic. Put in my account name and password and waited for everything to download. But, in the midst of downloading. It would just stop "responding" and make my whole computer lag until I manage to end the process through Task Manager. Then to just relaunch and have the same effect. I even tried to restart my computer and try again but the same thing happens. Downloads then freezes and stops responding. Another thing I noticed. The 2nd time I tried, I left Task Manager open and saw something awkward. From something as little as Tekkit Classic to have over 1,100 processes. Damn. But anyway, did someone ever experience this and solve it somehow or could give me a solution, tip, another way to download, whatever.

I really want to figure this out.

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