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0.6.5 world ID mismatches server

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Hello so i want a 0.6.5 tekkit lite server. I downloaded the server and i tryed to join it and i got a error forge mod loader id mismatch. Here is the error.

Forge modloader has found world id mismatches

ID 102 is mismatched. World: (ModID: Minecraft, type amp, ordinal 1) Game (ModID: MFReloaded, type blockVanillaGlassPane, ordinal 0) ID 79 is mismatched. World: (ModID: Minecraft, type akr, ordinal0) Game (ModID: MFReloaded, type blockVanillaIce, ordinal 0)

You cannot connect to this server

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I've got the same error on my Tekkit Lite Server (0.6.5) with mpcp legacy for 1.4.7 installed but, oddly, I can play and I haven't got problem with thoses IDs.

Maybe it's because i've got installed MPCP ? I don't know.


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