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Foundry-Vekkit is a newly developed combination of both Tekkit-Lite and Voltz. The server revolves around server wide events and games. With a limited base of administration this can only happen on a small scale for the time being however in the future we hope to expand to higher capacities. Throughout the week members will dive deep into the depths of the world to mine and craft in attempt to gather tools and resources for the events.

A main base is created central to the world aimed to protect members while they sneak beneath the ground to gather supplies. Once they venture out into the perilous world anything goes. The dangers of those who lay in wait for unsuspecting adventures and aim to gain the spoils of war or the many monsters you will encounter present a need for miners to take caution with their steps. Adventures can craft a fencing unit around their homes which will mark it as protected as long as a sign is linked to it with their name. These "claims" are limited to a max of 100x100 per play and are monitored by server admins. However miners can break these down in series such as two 50x50 or ten 10x10. A claim runs from Z 0-264. Join us!

Server Details:

Server IP:

Modpack: http://technicpack.net/modpack/details/foundry-vekkit.47713

Uptime: 24/7

Who can join: Open to all


Currently have one open staff position. Staff are required to aid in building and monitoring the world. The two staff position each share roles but are at the head of the opposite roles. The current roles are

  • Project Developer
  • World Manager - FILLED

Inquire in a reply below


1. No X-Ray, Exploits, Glitching, Duping, etc...

2. Do not ask for items, ranks or creative mode

3. No Advertising

4. No Griefing gated structures

How to join:

1. Download Technic Launcher from http://www.technicpack.net/

2. Once you have dowloaded the Technic launcher open it and find the button on the left that says: "Add New Pack". Click it.

3. Paste our Modpack URL: http://technicpack.net/api/modpack/foundry-vekkit

4. Now simply login with your Minecraft account name and password.

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