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Connection lost - end of stream, java 1.6


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Ok, first up i have googled the hell out of this and trawled forums - no concrete answer.

If a client connects, on the LAN, over the net, or even on the same machine to the server, they get the good old "Connetion lost end of stream error"

I understand this issue is rampant on java 1.7? is that correct?

I also understand that tekkit wont work properly in 1.6 as it gets the "6 or more" error. At least that happened in both my main machines. I have turned Advanced Machines off in the ModLoader.cfg to remedy this.

Two different systems at two different locations have been tried, no one can connect to either server.

And i have removed and reinstalled java on both machines, ditto with Minecraft and the Technic pack

What am i doing wrong or missing here? Any help would be really appreciated, i am trying to spend some time with my daughter doing the Yogbox SMP thing, but its not much fun for her yet :(

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Did it happen on a new map or an existing map ?

This happened on my private server once but it was due to the fact that my server couldn't handle an overflow of items on the ground from a automation one of the members made. Once the items were removed with MCedit it worked normally again.

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