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How do I set up a server?


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Hi there! Now to start this off I am not in any way, shape, or form computer savvy so bare with me. I own a MAC computer and I am not sure how to set up a BigDig server for me and my friends to play. Like I said Im not computer savvy so please remember that when you comment. :3

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Well, first off you should probably check the amount of RAM you have:1: Click the apple button in top left corner. 2: Select "About This Mac", after the word "Memory" it will say how much ram you have. Now for my 2 player server I use 5 GB and there is still sometimes lag spikes, so if you really want a server you will probably have to upgrade your RAM. You can buy RAM on the apple webpage but it will be much cheaper on Amazon.com. Instructions on how to find out what RAM you need and how to install it are on the apple support page. When choosing how much to buy you also have to consider the 1-2 GB of RAM that just running Technic/Minecraft uses.

P.S. I got my 8GB of RAM on Amazon.com for $60 so it can get pricey

If this doesn't seem like too much then just say and ill continue instruction, or you can just give up and join a public server.

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