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Rubber Band Lag Issues


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Hello, I am experiencing major rubber band lag on my Tekkit Classic server. As this is a common issue for many players, I find it very strange that I experience it as owner of the server (the server runs on the same computer that I play on). Also, the players on my server experience no lag what so ever. They mine and chat lag-free, but when I attempt to do so, it takes the blocks that I mined two-three minutes to appear. As for the chatting, I watch as their messages appear instantly. However, when i try to type something, it literally takes it five minutes for the message to appear. This issue has been occurring for about two days now and I have found no solutions. I suspect it to be a client-side issue, but I don't have a clue as to how I should fix it. Recall it is only rubber band lag that I am experiencing, not the other type of lag (I have smooth fps and everything). Help would be highly appreciated. :)

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