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[0.6.5] ElderTek [PvP][50 Slot][Factions][iConomy][MultiVerse]


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ElderTek Reloaded Tekkit Server!

The Rebirth of a life changing server!


Server IP - "play.eldertek.net"

Server Website - www.eldertek.net

Server Rules:

  • No Griefing
  • No Exploitation of Mods (Duping)
  • Always Obey Staff without question
  • No Spamming
  • No possession of Premium only items.
  • No attemptive hacking
  • No Advertising
  • No Rank begging ("PLEASE CAN I BE MOD! ")

Mods Removed: NONE

Banned items:

  • Explosives (Things like TNT)
  • Any items/blocks that grief or bypass PvP

More Information:

Major Plugins:

  • iConomy (Buy and Sell goods using In Game money)
  • DungeonMaze (Providing players the use of an endless dungeon full of loot)
  • BookWorm (Substitute for latest minecraft writeable books)
  • DragonTravel (Travel across the map....By Dragon!)
  • Factions (Make your own groups and protect your land!)
  • LWC (Automatic Locking system for your chests and machines!)
  • LogBlock (Long Term grief logging so we can fix your griefs!)
  • Multiverse (Allowing the multiple PvP, Survival worlds)
  • Help Tickets (Make support tickets when admins arent online)

A mini description:

Eldertek is a revived server which now specicalizes in the ability to have multiple worlds so people can do what suits them (Check the worlds section), We have a very nice community and if you played before we have a revamped staff team to get rid of the troublesome staff. We also use factions so players can claim their land and have private groups which they can just have friends in or open it up to the whole server, they can then goto war with other factions (PvP Only), or can become peaceful.


  • PvP (In Progress)
  • Survival (No PvP only Mobs are enabled)
  • Maze (In progress)
  • Creative (In Progress)
  • Adventure (NOT OPEN YET - This world will feature maps that have been made by the community)
  • Events Map (NOT OPEN YET - This world will feature things like "FTB", "Walls" and "Hunger Games")

Expected Uptime - 24/7 (Unless there is server work going on or host issues)

Community - We are open to whatever players want to do, that is why we have the multi world system in place so people who want to fight can go to the PvP World and those who want to build can go to the Creative world etc. The current community is rather established, so finding a faction to join can be very easy and useful for when you want to have a head start into the Tekkitlie game.

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