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[3.1.2]Nerd-Tech[PvP][24/7-29 slots][Towny / Events / PVP/ Raiding]


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IP: nerd-tech.verygames.net

Hello! And welcome to the Nerd-Tech server! :D We offer a safe town for your home! But this IS a PVP server! Grrr! So get into your barbarian angry mode to open a can of whoop ass against our server community, but to do all this you must first build your empire, go get building with your friends to become the strongest or most wealthiest on Nerd-Tech! Our server has the Towny plugin with enables you to create your own town (A safe zone) where other players cannot attack you in! We also have CLAG which means we have a smooth running server with no problems! And to top it all off we have BuyCraft for you crafters who want to take it to the next level and obtain the rank VIP, to access banned items. Enjoy the server, try to survive warriors!



Note: Five warns = A ban

Note: Bans can be appeals @ the unban appeal section. Use the format.

Note: This is an 18+ server, fell free to swear or discuss adult conversations in chat (As long as it keeps with the rules)

1. No Trolling / Being generally stupid / Being a douche to other players (Punishment: Depending on the severity. 15 Minutes Jail Sentence - /ban)

2. No /TPA Deathmatching (Punishment: 15 Minutes Jail Sentence and a warn)

3. No Hacking (Hacked Clients, X-ray texture packs or anything that would be classed as hacking / something that would be used to grief) (Punishment: /ban)

4. No Advertising other servers in any chat: Do not post IPS, names etc (Punishment: /ban)

5. No pornography / Graphical content links in chat. (Punishment: Depending on the severity. 15 Minutes Jail Sentence and /warn- /ban)

6. No asking to be "OP" or any type of position on the staff team. (Punishment: 10 Minutes Jail Sentence - /warn)

7. Knowingly creating/duplicating etc. via hacks/exploits/etc. (/ban)

8. Knowingly not reporting someone who is ban evading - (/ban)

9. Knowingly not reporting someone who is hacking - (/ban)

10. Effecting how the server runs in any way (Punishment: Depending on the severity. 15 Minutes Jail Sentence - /ban)

11. Logging to avoid combat / death - (Punishment: 25 Minute Jail Sentence and a /warn)


What are the Banned Items?

The items which are banned are items which you must respect the removal of, as they could make your gaming experience bad.


Mining Laser


Energy collector MK2 & MK3

RM Furnace

Crystal Chests

Geothermal Generator MK2

Crossbow and Bolts

ALL WarHammers



DM Pedestal

RM Pedestal

Gun Ammo

ALL Antimatter Relay's

High Speed Rail

Avaliable without block changing capabilities

Philosopher's Stone

Swift Wolf's ring of rendering gale

Completely disabled, can be bought from admin IF VIP and consent from a high level admin



Industrial TNT

Energy Links

Completely disabled

Ring of Arcana - banned

Transmutation Tablet

ALL Turtles - banned

Uranium block - banned

Frame Motor - banned




Destruction Catalyst - banned

Gem of Eternal Density

Black Hole Band - banned

Talisman of Repair

Watch of Flowing Time

Void Ring - banned

Archangel's Smite

Catalytic Lens

Ring of Ignition

Zero Ring

Hyperkinetic Lens

Volcanite Amulet

Harvest Goddess Band

Nova Catalyst

Mercurial Eye

Soul Stone

Body Stone

Evertide Amulet

Life Stone

Mind Stone

Nova Cataclysm

World Anchor

Tunnel Bore

Bore Head

Deployers - GLITCHED

Block Signal


Basic Signalling

Signal Block Surveyor,

Anchor Cart,


Block Signal

Distant Signal

Signal Receiver Box


GPS Tower




Redpower API's

Nether Mine?


Help API

Disk API Dummy

Black Hole Chest

Dimensional Anchor


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