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[0.6.5]Sponsor[PvP/Steampunk/Horror/War][n][Thaumcraft Mystcraft Autoranks] Sponsor seek!


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  • Server IP: none
  • Server rules: pvp players as undeads, church members, inquisitors, griefprevent siege protection, myst ages admin controlled, timed autoranks, hard monsters, loot, bosses
  • Any mods removed/disabled from the base Tekkit Lite Pack: Mystcraft new worlds are admin managed, Thaumcraft added
  • Items only restricted, not banned - Thaum and Myst base items
  • All major plugins on your server:









Fear the Darkness










Monster Apocalypse











Weeping Angels\


  • my hobby is to config games I like with mods
  • a server is needed, playtesting will be on a home computer, agreed-upon times.
  • People are needed who like to try out, or proficient with tekkit lite, who like extra hard monster bosses, playing like a vampire or inquisitor in an acid-rain, radioactive cratered world, with realistic talk, and radioes, no teleport, and automatic ranking with time for new abilities.
  • Open server, no white or greylist - essentially I want people to try out, and play around with my condig as a player.


I am working on a new config, I collect my ideas now.

By the way, it's working, only needs Merchant, Psionic and Demigod set up!

The world has environmental hazards, acid rain, tunneling zombies, armor ignoring spiders, growing insanity effects in dark places or too deep, and radioactive craters.

Talk becomes garbled from far away, radio towers can send messages further, compass functions as a personal radio carried in the inventory.

The server has spawn, warp and tp commands disabled, only sethome and home, mystcraft and thaumcraft items are prohibited to craft, possess and use - unless stated.

The server also has player undead and inquistion races from mmSupernaturals.

When a player first arrives, randomly spawns on the map.

He gets base gear, and free to roam (or fly) for one minute, unable to affect the environment, ideal if they are invisible, too - wandering souls.

Then he gets transformed to a player, ghoul race which has some abilities, vulnerabilities, and can only wear vanilia armors. It would be preferable, if he looks like a zombie then.

He has a truce with monsters, so they attack him only if he attacks them.

After 15 hours, he gets transformed to a Believer, and into human (no modifiers, abilities, restrictions), has a new command: /back

He also gets access to plugin called God, which is a player defined religious clan system with automated gods, altars, sacrifices, and priestly powers and decrees.

Then comes the Merchant, he can /tpahere, and set up shops. The server has dynamic economy installed.

The next level comes after 35 hours, Wizard.

He can craft, possess and use base Thaumcraft items, so he can begin to discover this plugin.

Then Psionic, maybe with a modified form of MagicSpells plugin, /cast commands, spells bindable to items, spells are really configurable from messages to effects, and components.

I have a config for Tekkit Classic psionic, it won't be too hard to update.

Demigod, he will have access to MystCraft, and selected worldedit commands working from inventory.

The ranks are inclusive, and ordered, and they are pex groups.

The Ranker plugin makes it possibble to include sub-ranks, for example, warning the player about his rank will change shortly, or include levels of experiences for Psionic.

Time, monster and playerkills, money can be used for these autorankings.

If the need arises, donators can be rewarded with custom commands, thanks to the multifaceted useability of MagicSpells.

I wonder though is it the right ordering and timing?

How long a phase will hold interest for a player, before he wants something new?

I tested it till the end of Believer.

If you think postapocaliptic undead steampunk horror, does some ideas come from your mind into the keyboard?

So I would like to have a sponsor with a server for this, as it is my hobby to config a game I like with mods.

Some of that are here, consider them as my CV: ;)



Good night!


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Well, this this is better than a notebook. :)

Some things became clearer now!

Rank - need - abilities:

Ghost - log in first time - randomly spawned in the world,invisible, fly, no interact, stop this when and where you want it

Undead - 1 minute, then exit ghost-mode - resilient, no damage from falls, and water hurts it, has truce with monsters, griefprevention, can sell minium shards for souls (money), randomly spawned if no /sethome, can wear vanilia armor only

Cultist- time - can make and participate in religions, /back, has no truce with monsters as all "humans" below

Soulbroker - souls (money) - can make chest shops, /tpahere, tp access to an admin shop

Warlock - time and souls - Thaumcraft, already have access to a lot of spells from the 4 schools

Manitou - time, souls, pve (monster kills) - the fifth school of magic: building, force, and passive abilities, set time and weather, /tpa, introduction of mana for spells

Demigod - time, souls, pve, pvp - admin-like abilities, like worldedit from inventory, more passive abilities (think superpowers), coreprotect inspect, tempjail, tempmute, teleport freely, vanish, inspect chests, inventories, and getting reports of suspicious items, can chat/hear chat normally

They have combined requirements now.

Also there is 4 schools of magic each using a different aspect of your play, each is using different colored lumar dust to fuel their spells:

Beast - aspects of land, mine, and hunt - grows by time

Wraith - converting items for souls, item conjuring, repair, movement - your current souls amount

Bokor - necromancy, evil deeds, player summoning - your pvp score

Reveant - all fiery destruction and movement - your monster kills

Any spell you got, remains.

The ranks and your magic affinities are separate.

So, that's what I did in my spare time.

I wonder, I will make a youtube let's play video about it... ;)

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My character became Cultist rank, so I've made an altar to Gaea, also overhauled my house, and explored Twilight Forest, which seems to go along finely with all the other stuff.

So, Thaumcraft AND Twilight Forest with Tekkit Lite. :P

Also I beginning to find my voice, I think so. :)

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There is no Server IP and I need one to connect '_'

Yes, you are right. That is a late project, we are working on a new one.

If it become presentable, I may advertise it - we did 2 months long closed beta test on it - now it will be open beta on a real server, not just started from home.

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