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[Voltz] A little fun with villagers, muahaha

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Hello there Dark_Cron here and today I made a very short video with *ehem* one of my experiments on villagers with the Voltz modpack. More specifically the ICBM mod.

If interested be sure to give it a try and watch, please comment on how I can improve videos like these.

Thanks, much appreciated smile.png

[Voltz] Minecraft: Villager fun part 1


Also a +/- similare video of the same style:

[Voltz] Having fun messing with red matter!


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Hey there, I'm so sorry to bump this but I would really like some feedback on my work. Especially on my latest videos because I think I improved alot so fast, but some feedback would help me like nothing else can.

I won't waste your time with ads on my videos, I'm smart enough to disable those until I made myself a little bit of a name, thx.

Thank you for your time :) (and patience...)

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