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[1.0.3] Princ.ly Tekkit [PVP/non-PVP] No Banned items.


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Princ.ly is a Tekkit server with the main idea being enjoyable for players who want to play Tekkit the way I believe it is meant to be.

Anything goes as far as in game content. There are no banned items. There are no staff members, because nothing needs to be monitored, play, enjoy yourself and kill other players if you want, or simply toggle pvp off and other players can't harm you. Lag is non existent. You can ignore another player using /ignore if they curse you out or you dislike them.

Players often choose to meet up at a predetermined location to trade or kill each other. Create alliances, break them, do whatever, its Tekkit!

Simplicity is the basis for the server. There are no strict guidelines to follow, if you curse out somebody you don't get banned/kicked, they can simply ignore you.


No hacking or cheating.

Don't be too annoying.

Sign up on our forums if you like the server.

Plugins: Essentials and Towny.

Our forums: forum.princ.ly

The server IP: tekkit.princ.ly or

Teamspeak: ts.princ.ly


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