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[1.0.6] Chillax Tekkit [150 Slots] [Factions] [Shops]


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Chillax Tekkit

Out History:

We are a Tekkit server, we are in the top 10th placement on the Tekkit Server List, we have been here since around April 25, 2012. We are still here, we just recently changed our server to the newest Tekkit (Amazing). And we wish to share this server with the forums.

We have a lot of features we plan to add, as we just started up the new Tekkit, we plan to add the following:

Shops, Player Shops, Less banned items, and more.

What we have now: PVP, Factions, Rockets, Moon, and of course the Earth.

You guys should come and check us out. We plan to add more as stated before, we will be up for suggestions in the comments.


IP: mc.chillax-tech.com

ts: ts.chillax-tech.com:8050

Please come and join and bring your friends!


Spawn \/ (Fast spawn, still working on it)


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