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For the development of Voltzy

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hey modders. i know that voltz is all about electricity and other stuff...voltz most attractive things(maybe) is ICBM mod where you can explode explosive and rocket stuff. i oftenly think what will i do after all of this is done? then i write this article so you, modders, can develop voltz so it will become more fun. here is the list:

1. Oxygen tanks

after we make our electrolysis separator, what will we do about the oxygen? instead of just storing it in a gas tank, you with the skills of programming can make something like oxygen mask so we can breathe underwater! im sure people this idea is great!

2.Some war would be great

i know many of modders know about Flans mod where there are war-machines and lot of guns. i recommend adding this mods so pvp become more fun!

3.Blast off!!!

i know the newest tekkit have galactic-craft. but how about voltz? many peoples like my friends dislike tekkit because its too complex. voltz is more easier to learn and have fun with. so how about galactic craft in voltz?

I hope voltz developer read this for all of us who plays voltz, many thanks


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