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[0.6.5] HCraft Tekkit Lite [30 slots] [PvP-PvE][Arenas][factions/towns]


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Welcome to the Page!


Hello, my name is happytor and I bring you a different Tekkit Server experience. On my server, we have excellent admins and amazing towns. We have multiverse that lets us add many different worlds such as: Creative, Survival, factions, and much more. I hope you enjoy the features listed below.

Common chat rules

Rules are different per map but here are some common ones that apply to all

1. No extreme swearing

2. Do not continually PVP kill someone

3. Generally be nice

Server Features










*Soon to offer Factions/Towny

*Spawn city with Buy-able Plots

*Free transport between all worlds

*Amazing Comunity

*VIP and VIP++ Rank offered under $20

*MCPC Bukket platform

*Easy ranking

*Dementional Doors Banned

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