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Hiiiii, im looking for a few people to play tekkit with me under 15, and we could make a channel together.

if you'd like to do this with me, answer these few questions, and add me on skype:squidular123456

Skype Name?:


Experience in Tekkit?:

Can you record your screen?:

Can you host a server?:


post those, then add me on skype, and i will get back to youuu

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Skype Name?:keelan cross


Experience in Tekkit?:noobish understands basic

Can you record your screen?:Not with a mic, BTW I do have a mic but can't record with it.

Can you host a server?:yes but it won't be 24/7

Age?:12 turning 13 in December

GMT: +2

Brain level: very high

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