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Black/White screen

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So, I have tried just about everything that is recommended for this issue (I get it when joining a server), including reinstalling tekkit and Java, getting my .dat deleted, and checking render distance. It has been like this for a day, and worked briefly after launching a singleplayer world, but hasn't worked again since. I would put in the log, but it exceeds the 50000 character limit. Edit-turns out whenever i launch a singleplayer world first then join it works, no idea why

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I to am having a error like this in a way, Ever sense the new launcher and the cb 1.5.2 update my server is running i now get the famous "White Screen" and then nothing happens, I am lost to why this is the case and B4 any one tells me to update stuff all software is running the most up to date. and I think it is that causing the problem.

Please help!

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