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Hey! My name is Grant, but I go by Smitty mostly. I am a small Youtuber trying to get out there! I post Minecraft and other gaming related videos daily! I really need help getting out there saying that is very difficult to get popular now with almost everyone trying at it themselves. Please, come on over and check me out and see if you like my videos. I would MUCH appreciate it if you would like, favorite, comment, subscribe and tell your friends about me! I strive hard everyday trying to make creative, unique and entertaining content for my fans whether my fan base is small or large. I enjoy listening to my fans and viewers. They are my first and only priority. If you guys don't like something I will change it or stop. If you love something I will do more! If you want something else I will be more than happy to check it out and try what I can do! I am going to try and get my own websites where we can visit and communicate I upload daily! NO excuses unless of something of like an emergency where I just absolutely can not upload. I have professional audio, I use a Audio-Technica ATR 2500 microphone. Not some crappy laptop microphone. I have spent $1500 on equipment purely and only in anticipation that I would grow an audience. I have a great gaming computer so all videos will be smooth with little to no lag. I some of the top of the line programs, DXtory to record, which is also used by bigger Youtuber such as Antvenom. I also edit with high end programs such as Adobe After Effects CS6 and Sony Vegas Pro 12. All of my videos will be in 720p or higher. NO EXCEPTIONS. Only HD. We are going to have a public hub server which will have many fun experience enhancing plugins. The hub will lead to completely different servers for the different games, such as Survival Games, Faction PvP and more. Not to mention it will be 24/7. I upload a variety of games, but mostly Minecraft. Again, as stated before I do what my audience wants. I hang out and do collaboration videos with other fun Youtubers for more entertainment. A friend and I are currently do an LP on the newest Tekkit and I am a doing a interactive solo LP on vanilla Minecraft. I would much enjoy a new Noble (my subscribers' name) or at least a chance. Thanks so much!

Link: www.youtube.com/darkxenongaming

Twitter: www.twitter.com/darkxenongaming

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