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When I run the Technic Launcher, Tekkit is absent from the list of mod packs. I see Tekkit Lite, Voltz, Yogbox, etc. but not the new Tekkit (the version with Galacticraft). The website says "Get Tekkit - You can download it immediately from the Technic Launcher. How do I do that? When I looked in the appdata/roaming folder, the tekkit folders (such as coremods) are empty. I've tried deleting the launcher and downloading it again, I've fiddled with the Launcher Options, I've ensured that I've go the lastest version of Java, and it still doesn't show up. I cannot find any helpful information through Google searches or in the forums. Can somebody please help me find a way to obtain the missing files or perhaps provide a URL with the Tekkit mod pack so I could just select Add New Pack?

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