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Unable to Leave Bed????!!! HELP!

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Hey! I was just finished digging up some ore to make my spaceship, when it got dark. I entered my bed like normal, but when morning came, the bed glitched and I couldn't leave it no matter if I killed myself or if I teleported myself. It just kept being glitched and now my stuff is all over the floor and I can't get it! I HAVE SO MUCH STUFF SO PLEASE HELP!!!!!

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I have encountered this problem with multiple mods (Aether, Twilight Forest, And quite a few others) and the only way I ever find out how to get out of it is to delete the game... BUT you could try using an Ender Pearl and see if it gets you out of this lock... Never tried it before but it might work. I have no clue what it is caused by but it get really aggravating when I have to delete the world. Try the EP

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