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[1.0.5]Princ.ly [Whitelist][No Lag]


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Aside from the public server, Princ.ly now has a Whitlisted server for a variety of reasons.

Some information about the server:

- The server is mantained at all times, and updated appropriately.

- Lag is non-existent.

- It is up 24/7.

- Generally it is a peaceful commune, however PVP is allowed to some extent.

- It's meant to be fun and enjoyable, not crammed with hundreds of players who log on and off occasionally for kicks and hog up precious memory.

- It's for people who just want to play Tekkit with no bullshit involved.






- Just be a normal respectful human being playing a video game.

Please visit forum.princ.ly for further application for the whitelist.


The intent of the server is to provide a pleasant experience for its players. There are no strict rules, act like a respectable human being. The community is centered around simplicity of enjoying the mods and having peers to enjoy it with.

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