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[Server] [DragonCraft] [Brand New] [Looking For Staff + Spawn Builders]


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DragonCraft is a Tekkit Lite server with no banned items. We are currently looking for someone to help us build the spawn! Also we need alot of staff to help manage the server to make it a lovely environment.

So you want to be staff ? [some simple requirements]

  • 16+
  • Avaliable most days

Server IP:

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Hello There, My IGN is Mini_Minis I was a co-owner of a popular server because I donate every month (5euro to help keep the server up and ill pay for this server too) I am 17 and 2 months. Im online everyday after school and when im done my homework especially on weekends for the whole day. I also am very experienced with commands and building also with every mod in the mudpack I would be willing to help anyone on the server. Thank You, Mini_Minis (also email me [email protected] for any questions..

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