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JJserver.com hosting issue


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Hey guys, long time user and love the tekkit pack

after a while of using a hamachi server i decided to bump it up to a real dedicated server so i bought one through JJServer.com

they use multicraft and I have uploaded my server files via FTP

I set it to run the Tekkit.jar which comes up as "Tekkit Classic" but that may simply be a default name for that .jar file

I heard that the new tekkit doesn't use bukkit, so maybe that is the issue

anyway, here is the log on start up where the server hangs after


thanks for your time and its probably a common issue that i haven't been able to find on the forums, im guessing its just something server side that is out dated

PS. where do I install plugins and mods such as


and DynMap?

SOLUTION: must rename Tekkit.jar to something new

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did you get Dynmap to work with your Tekkit Server?

I am runnign Tekkit 1.0.5 and copied the Dynmap files into the plugin folder but it wouldn't start up.

There are no errors in the console logs as far as I can see.

Would be cool if you could let me know how you got it to work on your server.



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