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[1.0.6]CloakCraft[PvE/AntiGrief][20 slots][No Dimensional Doors]

Devin Cox

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  • Server IP:
  • Server rules:

1) No Griefing, we will find out if you do using LogBlock.

Griefing is breaking blocks on purpose to destroy someone else's property. Griefing is just a waste of time because we can fix it. So dont do it!

2) No Racism. Racism is an instant ban. We allow all people to play here on CloakCraft and we don't want people to feel bad. Bulling over the internet is a huge thing that we strongly discourage. You also may be banned from the site for doing this so you cannot appeal.

3) No Spamming

Spamming is typing like this: "3y193871289371389 12eh1ue1d" Unless you are banging your head against your keyboard because you're having a seizure, spam is not needed or wanted!

4) Treat Others like you want to be treated!

Nobody wants to be bullied, griefed, spammed, etc!

5) Protect your things!

Protecting your builds and/or chests is HUGE. If you don't want your stuff griefed, get a Protection Stone from the Market.

6) Have Fun!

We want to provide a fun, encouraging Minecraft environment for our players and our community.

  • Any mods removed/disabled from the base Tekkit

Mods Removed:

Dimensional Doors (Caused LOTS of lag)

  • Banned Items:
    Chunk Loaders

  • Plugins:
  • WorldGuard
  • ProtectionStonesCoreProtect
  • Essentials
  • GroupManager

  • Here at CloakCraft we aim to provide a fun, lag-free minecraft enviroment for all players. We offer perks for donating, but it is not required. Thank You for playing!
  • CloakCraft is a 24/7 Tekkit Server Except for when it has restarts every 4 hours
  • We want players that will follow the rules. If you wont follow the rules, just get out of here and don't waste our time. We are trying to have fun!

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