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Issue with Tekkit 0.6.5 Applied Energistics


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Hi guys,

I'm having problems with Applied Energistics for Tekkit Lite 0.6.5. I have a fairly new setup for it, and I'm trying to have it make MV and perhaps HV solar arrays from scratch, however it keeps running into missing 'RE-Battery' as an ingredient. I've stuffed a ton of them into the system, but even re-setting it and trying again it seems to not recognize them.

I'm forced to make generators (the component that needs the RE Batteries) manually, then it'll create the rest for me.

Curious if anyone has experienced this or has a work-around?

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Did you use a battery with a charge when you made the pattern? I just made a generator pattern with a partially charged battery and gave the system a pattern for making new RE-Batteries, it said it was missing a partially charged RE-Battery. It needs batteries that are identical to the ones you used when you made the pattern.

The damage values on a RE-battery change when you charge it so the auto-crafting system doesn't see it as the same item.

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