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[3.1.2]Xaviok's Tekkit Classic[PvP][50 Slots][NO BANNED ITEMS][24/7][No Lag]


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Rules: No Duping, No Hacking


Plugins: Core Protect, Essentials, Factions, World Guard, Tekkit Restrict.

Description: The server is up 24/7 except for maintenance. The community is currently small but were hoping to get bigger.

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if a moderator is reading this u are pathetic it shouldnt take this long to do ur job

do u have one moderator that only gets on once a week

Comments like this make me want to leave this to sit for exactly a week, just because. Hint: If you're "hoping to get bigger", you may want to put some more effort into your server post. For now, I'll approve it, since you met the bare minimum requirements, but I'm also going to let your comments sit as well. Good luck with your community growth!

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