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[Redpower] Magic with the Red stuff!

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I made this post to 1. show off my amazing Repower Circuitry and 2. To help people with Redpower, since I know how confusing it is.


SWR=Secret Wiring Room: A hidden room for wiring your contraptions.


1-Remote Door Switch

2-Remote Piston Door

3-Remote TNT Cannon

Remote Door Switch

Okay, this is the first one I made, it's a bit confusing and a tad expensive though.

So, say you have this situation:


You want to remotely open the door to your base! So, obviously, you think 'Hey, I can just do this!'


WRONG! That won't work unless you hold right-click with a Remote. Also, as you can see, it doesn't open the door either. MY solution was this:

First, place a Wireless Transmitter and Red Alloy Wire like this: (must be un-insulated!)


Then, you'll want a SWR. This is a very important room, you may want to keep it well hidden! This step'll need a Wireless Reciever, Wireless Transmitter, Toggle Latch and Wires of your choice. Set them out like this:


Here, the Reciever (left) is the Remote frequency, and the Transmitter is the 'door frequency' (Reciever above the door you want to open.) You can get it even more compact, like this:


Because of the magic of Redpower, you are also able to place it on walls and ceilings!

Okay, number 1 done! On to number 2!

Remote Piston Door

Since we're on the subject of doors...

Anyway, you're going to want to have the exact same SWR setup as with the last door. The only difference being the fact is rigged up to piston. Something like this...


The Recievers (it's the exact same on the other side) are set to the Transmitter in your SWR, not the Remote. Just to clarify, like this:


2000 is the Remote frequency.

Remote TNT Cannon

Yeah, you read me! A TNT Cannon, at the press of a button!

This one is a bit more complicated than the others. ESPECIALLY the auto reloading bit! A main difference though is you do not need a SWR! First off, make a TNT Cannon as normal (my design is the best):


The slab at the end must be there, but doesn't have to be stone.

Next, place Redpower Deployers like this, and fill with TNT as required:



Um, yeah. I fogot to keep track of the progress after that, but here is a picture of the finished product. Replicate EXACTLY or it might explode. Seriously.


All the Repeaters are set to 0.4 ticks, or three clicks on it, which gives the launched piece of TNT the most airtime.

Okay, that's three pretty cool things I reccommend you show your friends! Remember to link to this page, like it, or whatever else you feel like doing.

OH! Don't forget to download the map if you didn't understand the instructions!


Just un-zip and stick it in your tekkit saves!

Please remember, comment if anything doesn't work, or if you can improve, and I'll try to reply. If you want speedier action on my part, skype me on 'robovelcro' and I'll try to help. If you want, I'll even make a video with someone, as long as you record! ;)

Anyway, thanks a lot for reading this! :D


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