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[3.1.2]Technacraft 2.0! [No PvP][50 slot][Factions][No mods removed] Reinvented for your enjoyment!


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Technacraft 2.0

  • Ip

    • technacraft.no-ip.org


    • No spamming
    • No Duping/cheats
    • No hacks
    • No griefing, raiding, stealing (It's all the same!)
    • No asking for op, staff, items, gamemode.

    [*]Banned items

    • Tank Cart
    • Kinetic Lens
    • REP
    • Destruction Catalyst
    • Void Ring
    • Black Hole Band
    • Catalytic Lens
    • Gem Armor

    [*]Major Plugins

    • Autosaveworld
    • Essentials
    • Factions
    • LWC
    • Safe Explosions and Fire

    [*]A server that specializes in fixing the errors of other servers. I made a friendly server with no PvP, no griefing and little banned items. The server runs 24/7 and is occasionally down for updates. The community is made of friendly players who don't want to fight or destroy other's creations but for those who want to build and collaborate together.


    • User


      • Play for a decent amount of time and show you are dedicated
      • Prove that you can work well with others
      • Follow rules


      • Build an amazing creation and show the staff!


      • Selected by owners if they follow rules
      • Help out on server
      • Help others in need


      • Selected by owner when they have followed all of the previous requirements and have gone above the call of duty. (Must have mod before admin)

  • Just log onto the server!

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