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help me test my server

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So my dad and I have been playing tekkit lite on a custom server I built for about 3-4 months now. All of a sudden he cant connect anymore. Neither one of us has changed anything on our systems. In fact when he is on his multiplayer logon screen it says it cant reach my server.

We have bolth double checked our firewalls, routers are port forewarded, and he can connect to otherpublic servers. The weird thing is I can connect to the server over the net, and he can connect to that macine with different programs.

All Ineed is for someone to see if they can connect to my server so I know where to look for the problem.

Please dont connect just to greif our world. We may be open to accepting 1 or 2 adult players once we figure this problem out. Almost forgot we also have forestry and extra bees on this server so you will need to add them to your client. Thanks for any help.

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I just tried to connect to your server but was unable to. The connection timed out each time. Your server is also not responding to pings but that may be intentional.

This page has been cached by Google with your server's IP address by the way.

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