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Coordinates for missiles


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Hi guys,

I'm having a problem with using laser designators and radar guns in Voltz.

I have a basic setup for launching missiles from a T3 launcher (with T3 support frame). Whenever I enter the coordinates in the launcher and then fire it, the missile never comes on the place I entered; it systematically comes in a place a couple meters away (and the further away the target it, the further away it comes). for the same coordinates it does always come in the same location. I also tried using the laser designator and radar guns (these yield the exact same coordinates), and the missiles keep landing in the wrong spot. The support frame is correctly set up (as the inaccuracy is 0 blocks) and the missiles do land in the same spot; the point is: they land in the wrong spot :(

Can anybody help me? I tried voltz in java 6 and java 7.

Kind regards,


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