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BYBcooperation : A new youtube channel


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Hello everybody,

BYBcooperation is our new channel on youtube that I have made with 3 other guys. I (Maxmajki) will specifficly post Minecraft/tekkit videos. The others will post a variation of games like Battlefield3 / Neverwinter / The Last of us / ... . I have already posted 3 videos witch I have put a lot of work into. We all are from Belgium (maybe looking for other players from the same area).

Tekkit factory:


Timelapsing Minecraft EP1 quarry:

Timelapsing Minecraft EP2 mining turtle:


Warning: The timelapsing series will not last very long I think, it's a bit boring. Let me know what you think about it.

Please enjoy :)

P.S.: I am also making a minecraft-hungergames montage series, so look forward to it ;)

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