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Suggestions for Big Dig (private server with over 70k subs)


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So me and a group of friends who make youtube videos have a private Big Dig server and we are absolutely loving it. We have around a combined 70k subscribers. Before anyone reads this post I want to make it absolutely clear that I think this pack is awesome and deserves even more love than its already receives. These are just suggestions/my opinion.

The only thing we added to the pack was Thaumcraft, which works flawlessly I might add. There are a few mods that I think would make a great addition to the pack.

  • Thaumcraft (Essential) - Who doesnt like Thaumcraft?
  • XyCraft (Essential) - Adds a ton of useful things, but with a pack like big dig and so many resources I find it odd that Xycraft with so many different decorating/building blocks wouldn't be included in the first place. Not even mentioning its machines/mechanics.
  • Steve's Carts (Not really necessary) - I personally don't use railcraft and think Steve's Carts might be either a better replacement or a nice supplement.

I'm sure there are other's I might add to this post in the future as I think of them. Anyways dude we are enjoying your pack. If you would like to contact me or any of the guys on the server directly then i'll link our channels down below. I would love to work with you.

*six (!) channel links removed*

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