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[Voltz 1.1.4] NoVoTek [40 slots, Factions, PVP, Grief, Raiding]

chris keane

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Ip Adress: tek.novocraft.net

Mumble Ip: tek.novocraft.net

Welcome to NoVoTek Voltz, where we enjoy fun but not jerks!

This server is a faction PVP Raiding server, so you can find other factions and attack them if you like.

Sadly for the time being, all missile are banned because they crash the server on impact. We hope that this error will be fixed in the near future so we can unban them. The same goes for some of the explosives.

Banned Items: Missiles(temp), some explosives(temp), mffs blocks (temp), theoretical elementizer, Ion Thrusters, World Anchors, any/all admin items, weather orb, Steve's stopwatch, and a few more.

We welcome all players, so join today!

Have fun!

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