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[Need] Help - sending coordinates

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Hi guys,

I try to set up a decent GPS system to navigate alle my stuff with it. The core system is up and running, and i can locate all my positions. The only problem that I've is that I cant send my coordinates over rednet. For example I wrote some code:

rednet.open("top", 1)

x, y, z = gps.locate(3)


vec={ value1=x, value2=y, value3=z}


rednet.send(1, svec)



Now on the receiver side:


rednet.open("top", 1)


id, msg, dist=rednet.receive()





I cant access the transmited values 1-3 It just crashes with attempt to call nil...

Pls help me I'm getting crazy about this :-D

PS:I've checked svec and it was created correct I think the problem is in the gps.locate function, cause if I hardcode the values 1-3 and then transmit the array everything works like a charm.

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