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Extreme server lag in tekkit lite

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Hi, I've been playing tekkit lite with my friends for about a month on the same world and suddenly yesterday we started having extreme "one-way" sort of lag. It's quite odd... I could see all his actions instantly while he received a response from the server like 1-2 minutes later....

so it's not regular lag when he sends a comment in chat and then it is delayed because of server lag.......

as i said, just untill yesterday it worked smoothly with no lag...

the machines did not change in the past week and we did not make any changes... simply sourceless lag.

i'd like to mention that while we're in the nether, there was no lag.... that's even weirder because we have chunk loaders both in the nether and in the overworld where we had the lag.... so it should even affect the world we're in...

I think there is some sort of a leak or something creating this.... i've tried everything and nothing works....

we didnt use any plugins or any special improvements or anything....

i tried allocating more ram... tested with 1g and even up to 5 gigs of ram for the server and no changes.... i dont even have high cpu usage... 30 avarage running both minecraft and the server and no problems or anything.. high fps.... that's super odd....

also my pc is quite strong, if that's any helpful info..

8 gigs of ram

Please help me out here, i'm frustrated...

P.S i dont mind uploading the world if anyone wants to test by himself.

we're running tekkit lite 0.6.5 btw

Thanks a head!

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Well since no body replied i left it alone... just posting this if anyone will ever google this and will need help: me and my friend thought of when the lag started and what did we do. i said i placed a timer to the lowest duration while building a rubber farm and then the following morning it started to lag so we broke the timer and the lag just cleared. we placed it again just to test and the lag returned.

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