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[0.6.5]MysticIndustryCraft[PvP][24/7][15 slots]World reset? NOPE! we hate world resets


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Server rules: 1. Greifing is not allowed 2. Stealing is allowed 3. Spamming is not allowed 4. No

asking for rank-ups 5. No making penis statues 6. Adversting other server IPs is not allowed 7. Respect Everyone.

Plugins: 1. Essentials 2. Greif Prevention 3. LWC 4. NoLagg

This is a small and growing server, please join.

The server is 24/7

If you want to join this server, you have to be at least 10 years old, you have to respect all the players. and if your new to tekkit lite, the staff will help you :D

Our server is good because the staff is very frendly and active.

Events: Drop paties are every Satruday and Sunday at spawn. (MORE TO COME!!)


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