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SP map crash 1.sec ingame

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7days ago I was making up a coal and steam EU factory in my Single player map, it crashed and since I have been unable to load the map for more than 1sec before it crash once again. When I load the map I see stuffs through blocks on the map for 1sec then I get a white/gray screen. Only way then to get out of the map is to press Ctrl/del.

Is there any solutions for this failure? perhaps there is to much junk laying around in the map?

I already re-installed the game / Jave, just in case

The game are played on a win7 64bit, i7 Core @ 2,79ghz, 6GB memory, geforce gtx 275 shouldn't be the problem.

thx in advice.

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I have currently been able to get into the map for about 2min. As I was able to get away from a EU frabrik, I got close to this point agian and the game did say ''saving chunk's'' then it crashed once again. Is there a way to remowe chunk's in the map from e.g. the Console?

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