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[1.0.6][VoxelPanic][Factions][40 slot] Space. Creepers.


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Server IP: voxelpanic.ddns01.com

TeamSpeak3: voxelpanic.ddns01.com

Server will be up as close to 24/7 as possible.

Server is hosted on a machine with a core i7 and 16gb of ram, so very low lag.


*Listen to staff

*NO asking for rank or items unless you lost them due to server glitch/grief

*Do NOT raid the large iron fort in the desert. Just don't.

*Do not claim a ridiculous area for your faction.

*Do not raid players who are not in a faction.




*MultiVerse (Use the TimeCart **wip** to go between worlds)

Special Events:

*Crater Making: Make the biggest crater possible on the moon, and make it look awesome.

*Space-Station defense: Faction Space invasions!

*Mob Towers: Some of our moderators make obtusely big towers of creepers/zombies/bats/spiders.

*Castle Building: Castle building competitions are popular on the server

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