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Tekkit Lite Tutorial Video Channel

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Hello Tekkiters!

My buddy and I started playing Tekkit a ways back and we were very excited for the Tekkit Lite launch (we wanted the vanilla update that was included in it as we were tired of the 1.4 or whatever the old Tekkit was running at the time). After the exciting launch and whatnot, we wanted to know more about the mod and naturally turned to YouTube. Well, it is safe to say that there were no great tutorials out quite yet, so we decided to take it upon ourselves to educate people in the ways of Tekkit Lite! Despite our phenomenal liberal arts educations and intense knowledge of video editing and the like, we quickly realized we had no idea what we were doing and decided to focus on the content. These are our stories...

So that's a bit about us. As for the channel, we decided to present the material sequentially as though this was the first time someone picked up minecraft and thought, "Wow Xanex really works! I'm just gonna jump into Tekkit Lite!" I heavily emphasize the use of NEI, IC2, and redpower. I've finally gotten to a point in the series where I can do more than just say "this is dirt, this is tree, that is creeper" and so I'm excited to publicize it a bit!

We posted a topic here previously and our channel was actually quite a success. However, in our naive haste, we used a personal account and chose to migrate the channel to one we could more easily share and regulate. Since then, we've been struggling to get the account off the ground again.

TLDR: Made a Tekkit Lite tutorial channel to help educate new players. Got to a point where I can start making interesting stuff and would like to show it off.



Here is a link to my latest video:

It's a simple ore processor that should familiarize players with redpower, pneumatic tubes, restriction tubes, filters, and sorters.

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