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[1.13]WarCraft[War/pvp][24 slots][whitelist][all mods]


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Hi Guys, I'm looking for a band of around 10+ people to join me in a possible white list server. I hope there will be war on the server, factions, teams whatever. You can make your own country/city with your faction. (Desert people/Northern) During war, anything is allowed. Countries can form alliances. You can get citizenship for another country if agreed with both countries. Spawn is protected.

Red Matter banned. Rejuv banned (not for me) Anything I deem to be dangerous to the server will be banned in good time.

24/7 Server!

Peace treaties can be called (eg, give me 5 diamonds for peace) War can be declared at any time.

Ranks: Guest - Default

Builder - By request

Moderator - Three days - one week (my decision, must be trusted also)

Admin - One week +

If you'd like to play here, fill in:

IGN: Why you want to play:

Faction Name: Bringing Friends?:

Skype/msn (if possible):

Age: (don't have to if you don't want to)

Where you're from (country):

P.S I’m 14.

I will check this in the afternoon and evening. I won't be on this week much but on Friday - Sunday (2 weeks) i'll be on tons. IP is in the picture. Voltz Version is 1.14, however I may downgrade as it is buggy.

My IGN is TheCraftenator

My Skype is TheCraftenator

Ultimately the aim is to have fun here.

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