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Lag increases as I play, SSP only.



Title: Lag increases as I play, SSP only.

Version: 3.1.3

OS: Windows 7 64 bit

Java Version: V 7.21 64 bit

Description of Problem:

When I start playing in singleplayer, it works fine. After 2-3 minutes, the game begins to hiccup. The longer I continue to play, the more frequent and longer these hiccups become, until about 15 minutes later when the game becomes unplayable at about a frame per five seconds. At this point, even bringing up the menu to exit the game properly becomes a chore. Exiting the level to the menu completely stops the lag, and if I don't restart Tekkit, restarting the level from this point results in the same thing, though I believe the lag sets in faster on subsequent attempts. Restarting Tekkit entirely does not solve the problem but does reset the amount of time that I can play without lag. I have done a fresh Tekkit and Java install, and it did not help. This issue only happens in singleplayer, I can leave it open for hours in multiplayer with no performance issues. It also happens even if I create a new world in peaceful mode and immediately enter the inventory screen and don't move, suggesting that generation of new chunks, machines, and mob spawning are not the culprits. I have doublechecked that I am using the most current 64 bit version of Java. I have tried allocating 1, 2, and 4 GB of my 8 GB of RAM to the game and none of those had any noticeable effect on this problem. I do not know what else to try. The game never crashes or even generates an error message, it just continuously slows down until it becomes unplayable.

Error Messages:

I wish there were some. Sadly, there are not.

Error Log:


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