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Mac - Crashes on modpack load for no explainable reason?

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Hi, so two days ago my Mac was running Tekkit Classic absolutely fine, and then the next day when I tried to load the modpack, the launcher ran fine, but when I started TC, it showed a white screen and gave me an error saying "Spoutcraft quit unexpectedly." I haven't found the issue, but one thing I should mention is the Minecraft launcher from minecraft.net and every other program on the Mac works absolutely fine. I put the error report in the pastebin link if anyone can help me out. I've done things like repairing disk permissions, repairing the disk itself and the common things that might be breaking it. Also I am using Java 6, as I've seen many people saying Java 7 dosen't work with it, so that's not the issue.

This is the crash report: http://pastebin.com/syibNfWr

As a side note I didn't know where this post should go so I put it here, lol.

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