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World Anchor bug? Or just the world bugged?


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I'm on a test world where I test ideas out. I've created a pump in the nether, surrounded in a room to protect it. It is pumping lava into a Ender Tank and I put a world anchor pretty much next to where the pump is.

I then go back to the overworld and build a big iron tank and put another ender tank on that. Then pump the lava into the iron tank.

This works fine for a while and I can go do other things. I can't say how long it goes on for but at some point it stops working. You then go back to the nether to check why and it's like the nether has shifted while you were away, has now filled in the area where your pump was, destroying the pump and the room it was in. Only a few things that were in that room remain.

Is this a bug with the world anchor or just the world itself?

This is on single player.

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I think it must be the world anchor being bugged. I had a pump in the nether in my main save and it appears to have done the same thing. And the other area in the nether I had setup as a mini base is now also wrecked, which wasn't near the world anchor. That area has been fine for weeks, its only since putting the world anchor down that things have gone weird. Odd.

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