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[1.5.2] SoulShards 1.27 fix for using shards on vanilla spawners


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In your 1.27 zip file, replace /com/shadowdrgn/soulshards/ItemShard.class with that.

I added this:

import net.minecraft.tileentity.MobSpawnerBaseLogic;


Then I changed this:


try {

  f = tems.getClass().getDeclaredFields()[1];


  m = (String)f.get(tems);



To this:


try {

  f = tems.getClass().getDeclaredFields()[0];


  MobSpawnerBaseLogic l = (MobSpawnerBaseLogic)f.get(tems);

  f = MobSpawnerBaseLogic.class.getDeclaredFields()[1];


  m = (String)f.get(l);


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