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Lets Play With Ninjakiwi212

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Hey guys/gals

If you are reading this then you have thought about watching my videos. And if you accidentally misclicked and still reading this continue please. I'm starting a brand new Technic 6 LP. I will have 2 different series going right now. One that is a strating from scratch LP. And one that is my original world in which i have already started on and continuing on how far ive gotten. I will be reading comments and ill be reading all the new subscribes and i might do a live stream from time and again but for now im stuck with uploading and commentating if my voice is a lil bit gloomy im sorry ill try to liven thing up and work with my mic a lil bit more so iff you interested in watching me here is my first video


Just copy and paste leave a positive feedback nothing rude please :) and a person i have to thank is -----> Dratnos <------

He is a very nice guy and i hope to have a youtbe lp with him very soon. So stay tuned and ill see you guys later!

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