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Help with setting up a 2 person server.

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Alright so I have a server that I rent online through PlugPayPlay, it's for me and my brother to play Tekkit Classic. Im having the worst time trying to install plugins and get them to function properly. I need helping in figuring out which plugins are necessary, all we want to do is turn off creeper explosions, set time, tp to each other, set home and tp home.

I have PeX, Essentials, World guard/edit. They all conflict and tell us we dont have permissions to that. Ive kinda figured out that essentials is the only really necessary one but I keep getting an internal error when I attempt to use the commands. Its been a confusing and frustrating last 4 hours or so. Any help would be much appreciated. Also my comp is a 965 be at 4.0 ghz under water, 8 gigs of ram and 1.5 tb of WD Caviar black memory, is running a server and an instance of Minecraft possible on my pc (basically MCMA is annoying and feels sluggish, id like more control)?

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