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ForgePlugin: Eliminate even the most notorious Tekkit problems.

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Think of all the problems with Tekkit Classic. You've probably grown used to them. There are countless exploitable bugs that players use to cause trouble, from duping items to crashing servers. Complex factories cause problems. Servers have to be restarted frequently.

What if Tekkit were nearly as reliable as vanilla CraftBukkit?

I can't fix everything. Some mechanisms are programmed so horridly, a complete rewrite of an entire mod would be necessary to fix the numerous problems that it presents. However, I have taken the time to rewrite, patch, and amend quite a bit, making Tekkit far more reliable than it used to be. I've even added some features to fix generic problems that even exist in vanilla Minecraft.


Installation instructions and general information

Report bugs, request features


Old versions

List of resources/links

Before you get too excited, here's a list of things that you must not do while using this fix:

  • Do not use another plugin to eliminate lag. The common techniques used in these plugins are destructive: they can cause problems for players and even maps. They will not help with lag while ForgePlugin is installed anyway, and may even conflict.
  • Do not clear entities globally. If you need to clear entities, use a reasonably small radius. This rarely helps fix lag anyway. ForgePlugin monitors entities; if it detects that they might cause lag, it will remove them in the least destructive manner possible.
  • Do not clear items or kill all mobs globally. These are entities, so the same rules apply as above.
  • Do not expect an item that is banned by default to be fixed. That's why it's banned.

And here's what you should do:

  • Do disable the built-in chunk cleanup timer and use a cronjob instead if your server is on Linux. The timing will be more consistent.
  • Do save the map at least every five minutes if you expect people to explore using flight, or your server will crash when it saves. This applies to vanilla, too. This is not automatic to prevent conflicts with backup systems.
  • Do report bugs that still when work using ForgePlugin.

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Released 1.0.0 beta 2:

  • Fixed ticket #3: .jar files were incorrectly named in the .zip file, so they wouldn't load in the right order unless prefixed with something such as "mod_".
  • Caveat: Still susceptible to NEI exploit; for the time being, use alternative patch. Not much harm can be done, as banned items are working normally.
  • Caveat: Still some minor, sporadic performance issues on servers with lots of complex factories. That's just how Tekkit goes; this will take a lot of investigation. Most performance issues are resolved. Typically getting 20.0 TPS on test server, 19.0 to 20.0 TPS on production, with occasional dips every few hours down to 15-ish TPS on production only.
  • Apologies for the server address in the first post; it has been removed. If you want to test vulnerabilities, you'll have to do it on your own.

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